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Bruno Söhnle watches are crafted in the town of Glashütte, which is the German equivalent of Geneva. Located in the Saxony region the town had built its reputation as a watchmaking centre prior to WWII. However, as part of East Germany, and under t
  A Glashütte Brand – Find Out All About Bruno Söhnle watches In the town of Glashütte, in the area of Eastern Germany known as Saxony lies the home of German watchmaking. Bruno Söhnle watches are one of the eleven manufacturers wh
With Baselworld 2018 only a week away now we take a look at what we can expect from luxury watch makers Bruno Söhnle, and whats new from the brand leading up to the event. They have recently released their new ‘Padua’ collection, includ
You may have seen recently on our social media we have been posting a lot about our favourite new brand that we have just had arrive in store, we’re just so excited to show and tell you all about this new brand and immerse you in its rich histo
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Bruno Söhnle Watches

Authorised retailer for Bruno Söhnle Watches. This collection of fantastic Bruno Söhnle watches features some of the most incredible luxury watches you will ever see. This collection features watches for both men and women which help to complete any collection. Bruno Söhnle watches are rare in the sense that they are beautiful luxury watches which are more than suitable for day to day use. Throughout the collection there are high quality quartz and mechanical watches in a range of designs which means that there is always something to suit all tastes.

The History of Bruno Söhnle Watches

It is perhaps no surprise that Bruno Söhnle went into the business of creating top quality watches. He was born and raised in Glashütte, which is a city in Germany famous for producing some of the greatest watches the world has ever seen. Bruno started working in the watch industry in 1957 and started his eponymous company in 1965. The company started by distributing high quality Swiss wristwatches in Germany.

In the year 2000 Bruno Söhnle started to prepare to produce his own watches, the first of these watches were released to the market in 2005. Bruno Söhnle watches draw upon the tradition of the watchmaking in Glashütte and the experience that Bruno Söhnle has built up over his years in the industry. This is combined with the culture of progress which is injected into each watch the company produce.

Something for Everyone

Watches are first and foremost there to fulfil the function of telling the time and Bruno Söhnle watches feature very functional designs. However, the philosophy of Bruno Söhnle states that just because something is functional – it does not mean that it can't be beautiful. The watches throughout the collection are not only decorative but also awe inspiring, these are some of the most beautiful watches you can find. These watches come in a wide range of different styles, from the Bruno Söhnle Pesaro II 43mm Black Leather Watch to the Bruno Söhnle Epona 34mm Two Tone Stainless Steel Watch which means that there is something for everyone in this collection of Bruno Söhnle watches.

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