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Coros Watches

Authorised retailer for Coros Watches. Coros is a smartwatch brand focused on performance, technology and quality. The brand’s love for adventure and the outdoors shines through in the designs of their models. In order to create the most reliable tool for athletes around the world, Coros utilises high-quality materials and innovative technologies in their timepieces. Coros’ smartwatches are loved by athletes, World Record holdres and everyday people due to their intuitive interface and efficiency.

Brand History

Coros is an American company with headquarters in California. The brand’s first product was launched in September of 2016 on Kickstarter. The LINX Smart Cycling Helmet brought great success to the brand and skyrocketed them into notoriety for their innovative designs. The brand’s first smartwatch, PACE Multisport GPS watch, was launched 2 years later, in 2018. A few months later, Dominic Grossman and Sally McRae joined Coros as their first two Pro Athletes. Most recently, they were joined by athletes Kílian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg as Coros Pro Athletes. In 2019 the brand launched its most high powered timepiece the award-winning VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch. The Vertix series has remained one of the brand’s most successful lines.

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